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Ewa Habdas
Mo Abdelkhalek

PhoenixWorksFilms Limited is an independent film and video production company founded in 2016 by Victor De Almeida. It was created out of the necessity to produce visually striking stories with the ability to resonate with their audience long after the last credits had rolled. Co-founded alongside long time mentor, Shirley Grana, the company has now developed into a collective of creatives attempting to push the boundaries within the realm of independent film, welcoming into their fold Producer/Director Ewa Habdas and up-and-coming producer Mo Abdelkhalek. 

Since its creation in 2016, PhoenixWorksFilms, has produced nine short films, all of which have had success in the festival circuit.  In total, the company has amassed a total of over fifty festival selections, in addition to over a dozen wins for Best Horror, Best Experimental, Best Cinematography and Screenplay amongst other categories.


Our aim is to continue to make outstanding content not just in live action short films, but we have now decided to explore music videos, commercials and corporate videos in order to further expand our brand.  

In 2022 we plan to release another four short films as well as launch our brand new international film festival, the 'Phoenix Rising International Film Festival' which will be running from the 13th to the 15th May, in the heart of the burgeoning town of Luton. 

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